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Hyatt Regency Hotel, Tampa, Florida, August 14th - 18th

I attended my 2nd FetishCon Thursday, August 14th, to Monday, August 18th, at the Tampa Hyatt Regency Hotel, Tampa, Florida.

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I arrived at the hotel Thursday evening. My friend and fellow artist Robert aka RWM aka Terakonn was in the lobby when I arrived so we visited awhile. After getting my room set-up including my laptop online, I went to the Meet & Greet. My friend Tomiko and I ran into each other shortly after I got to the event so we shared some drinks and good conversation, and made plans. I visited with Vesta, and Genesis Lynn thanking them both for all the hard work they did preparing FetishCon for us all. It was good to see Moe, of AmateurBound, again, and to meet Moraxian and some of his models for the first time. One of the highlights of the night was meeting Rob aka MrTrick66 inperson. We've been friends on-line for a awhile and he's an attorney who gave legal seminars at FC this year. It was also good to visit with Bondage Dave again this year. Outside on the smoking patio I visited with Kali Kane, Minnie Vicious, Ana Aesthetic, and Big J (one of the convention security persons I met last year). After the Meet & Greet ended I went to the Bar and ran into Tom, a friend from last year, and his ladyfriend Jana, and their friend from Britian. I also saw my buddy Andre of AndreToons. When the Bar closed Robert and I went to the pool to continue partying. If I met you there and have forgot to mention you, it is because by then my blood had turned into Crown Royal and Coke and I was feeling it for sure, LOL. After leaving the pool I met Tara Bush who was having some difficulties that Robert was nice enough to assist her with. Me? I staggered to my room to pass out around 6am? LOL.

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Friday August 15th was a day and night of rest and recovery for me. My plan was to party hardy Thursday and Saturday, then rest and recover on Friday and Sunday. At my age now I can't party every day anymore, LOL. Robert came to the room a few times to visit.

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Saturday August 16th I had fully recovered and was ready for another day and night of partying. I went to the display area, and visited with Andre, and met BondageBob late that morning. Then it was time to go to Andre's room for his photo-shot with Tomiko that I had arranged. I love it when a plan comes together. Robert/RWM was also there for the shoot. After we took some group photos I left before the shoot began. I don't tie up women unless I can consensually ravish them, and Tomiko and I are just friends (bummer, lol). Well that is true. I've been fortunate to have had many, many ladies bound & gagged, but each and every time that has involved a sexual experience (yes, even with my Guest Model on this site) thus I had no reason to stay for the shoot. So I went to the Bar around 15:00 and started drinking awaiting Larzz & Charzz (HeatherPlaz) to arrive. They did later and it was great to see my friends from Florida again. By the time Larzz & Charzz arrived I'd already had a few drinks with Jay Edwards. Jay is quite a jokester when not working and he was at the convention for a vacation thus he was not doing shoots. Jay's spot at the Bar he named 'Sarcastic Corner' and it was for several hours, and I was there most those hours. Tom & Jana, Elane Hershey, Dominic Wolfe & Gina, Vince, Phil Carson, Robert/RWM, Ivy, and many others all spent some time with us at Jay's Sarcastic Corner. Tomiko showed up in her new Wonder Woman uniform (best looking Wonder Woman I've ever seen) and I bought her supper. We visited awhile before she went to the Fan Shoot, and then I rejoined Sarcastic Corner (by just turning around on my stool to face to my right again thus I'd never actually left Sarcastic Corner; when Tomiko was there I faced to my left giving her my full attention, lol). When going outside to smoke I visited with Moe again, Jack Douglas of CaptiveBeauty, (and many people whose names I cannot remember because my blood was already turning into Crown & Coke by early evening; sorry about that ), and with Rob aka MrTrick66. I was able to introduce Charzz / HeatherPlaz to Rob since she'd been wanting to meet him. I stopped traffic in front of the hotel to make the introduction happen (thanks for not running me over Larzz, lol).   Before the bar closed Tomiko returned to say 'bye' since she was leaving early Sunday morning. I went to the Pool Party and spent time visiting and dancing with a sexy and beautiful 'new to bondage' model I'd met while out front of the hotel smoking during my time at the bar. I had a good time with her (even though I made a fool of myself dancing / stumbling). Yes, I was a drunken fool by then; so drunk I can't recall her name (if you ever read this get in touch with me, ok). I owe her an apology for not remembering her name, and I do thank her for spending so much time with this old drunken fool, LOL. Around 7am Sunday morning I finally crawled into bed.

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Sunday was another day and night of rest and recovery. I was in no shape to leave the room, or visit with Robert when he came by to say 'bye'. My body was reminding me I am 53 now and not 35, lol.  Monday August 18th I had recovered enough to leave the hotel early that morning for the airport. Sadly, it was time to leave another FetishCon.

If I have forgot to mention anyone please drop me an email, ok.

FetishCon 2008 was excellent. I enjoyed myself (even when hungover). There is no way in words I can describe it. You have to experience it for yourself to understand. I thank Genesis Lynn, Vesta, Mike, and their staff, for another fantastic convention. I will be there again in 2009! The staff of the Hyatt are amazing people and I thank them, too.  Special thanks to my friend Tomiko (you are a sweetheart), my buddy Andre, and of course to Robert aka Terakonn, for making my convention so memorable.

Mike aka MWB

PS: I'll be updating my Links Page soon.



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(Photo above taken by RopExpert)

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(Photo above taken by RossBound)

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Natali DeMore and Kobe Lee. Photo taken just after I had visitied with Natali (No, I am not stalking them in the photo, LOL)

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I attended FetishCon 2007 August 9-12, and I had a real good time there. Things went as well as I expected. I mainly went to network, and get my face and self known as a person so I am not just a 'name on a site' and not just a name on a computer monitor screen. In fact in some ways things went better than expected.

Of course I met fellow artists Andre and Terakonn/RWM. We were apparently the only artists there? And we'll all three be doing some art for people who were at the convention. I also met up with Larry aka Larzz and his lady Heather aka Charzz  Until the convention all were on-line friends and acquaintances, now we are all real friends.

As far as meeting people, being a smoker helped. Couldn't smoke in the Bar. So I had to go out front to smoke and a lot of people in the business smoke. Had several conversations with models while we were out smoking including Kumi a few times. Other models I spoke with while smoking or at the Bar, in just more than passing, was Anna Mills, Erika Cole, Wednesday Harrington (and her master Marcus), Natalie DeMore, Ross, and Lydia of House of Gord. As far as saying hello, and just having the normal chit-chats with, there would be too many models, producers, and photographers to name. I can't count them anyhow because none of them will remember me, lol. I'll just be one of 100s they spoke with this weekend. So I'm only naming the ones who will or should remember me? Of course photographers and producers I visited with (in more than just passing, lol) was Dominic Wolfe, Jay Edwards, RopExpert, Jack Doulas, Moe, Jim Hunter, and George (who is doing a lot of work for Bill Majors). I met a lot of behind the scenes people, too, including  Ms Martha's slave and staffer: Tofer. He was doing good PR for Ms Martha's Corset Shoppe.

I enjoyed spending time with actress and model Tomiko and getting to know her as a person.  She recently married so she was being a little more mellow than most prople and I guess I came across as someone safe to hang with, lol. And that is true, I went to the convention with the idea of not pursuing ladies, to be mellow, and to be laid back, and that I was. Tomiko is a special lady and I may be doing some peril artworks for her (not ravishment nor anything sexual).

I have a ton of new Links to add to my Links Page and am in the process of doing that. Ton of cards from people. Same as any convention you always get a lot of cards. Of course this was not just any convention, lol.

Being at the lobby Bar, and out front smoking, were the places to meet people as people and not as their professional selves. The pool parties after the Bar closed were wild and a good place to visit with people, too. Though I was usually too drunk by then to remember whom I did visit with? LOL.

It was a great experience. I met a lot of good people.  One thing for sure is next year I am not coming back on Sunday; I missed the last big party Sunday night.  I will be there next year. I hope to see you there, too.

Please visit my Links Page to visit the sites of all the people I've mentioned.

Enjoy life, Mike aka MWB

(I'll be adding more photos to this page..........)

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