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It had happened so fast, without warning. One minute she was unlocking her car, anxious to get home to her husband, when arms seized her from behind. A wad of cloth was stuffed into her mouth, muffling her scream.  She was pulled into the van that was parked beside of her. Held down by two sets of arms, the van started up and pulled out, heading out of the parking lot.

Her blouse was yanked open and torn off of her, her pants pulled down and removed, her bra and panties yanked down and removed. Her struggling was futile, there were two of them and one of her. As the van roared down the city streets they groped her breasts, making lewd comments on what they were going to do to her.

The sound of pants being unzipped, then the cloth was pulled from her mouth, replaced a second later with a huge hard cock, being forced between her lips, pushing its way down her throat, causing her to choke.

As the attacker pulled out of her mouth, her head was yanked to her left, and another cock took its place stuffing her mouth.  A few minutes later, the van stopped. The driver got out and opened the sliding door. The cloth was shoved back into her mouth, and she was picked up and carried out of the van.  She found herself being taken inside an old abandoned house. The driver of the van opened up another door and she was carried downstairs to a basement.

The three wasted no time, having already removed her clothing, they took turns holding her while the others stripped.  One of them laid on the floor on his back his huge rock hard cock erect and ready for action. The other two grabbed hold of her and forced her into a sitting position, on her knees, forcing her to accept the cock that not easily disappeared inside of her, her gagged screams went ignored as she pushed further down until she was stuffed tight.  Then another took his place behind her, No doubt what he had in mind, she braced herself for the inevitable intrusion from behind, Her scream was 10 times louder than the last as another huge cock invaded her, until he too was completely inside of her.

Then the third grabbed her head and pulled it toward him. One more hole to fill. He pulled out her gag and before she could begin to plead, his huge cock was shoved between her lips, forcing her jaw open wide, as he forced his way down her throat, stretching her mouth open beyond endurance. It wasn’t long before all three were pumping her body in earnest.

Meanwhile, her husband waited patiently at home, assuming his wife was working overtime, a common occurrence, unaware that at that moment his wife was being forced to satisfy three large cocks at once.................... THE END



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