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My site and I were 2008 & 2009 & 2010 BondageAwards Finalists for Best Free Site and Best Bondage Artist, my guest artist & friend Tony aka FootKnots was a 2009 & 2010 finalist for Best Bondage Artist, my guest artist  & friend MP aka Wolfman was a 2010 finalist for Best Bondage Artist, and my guest author and friend Dana aka Archnidwoman was a 2010 finalist for Best Author...... MWB

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BONDAGE DIRECTORY, One of the largest resources on the Net!

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RED'S REALM; Good Links and good site I am a longtime member of

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TALON'S: Another site with good links that I am a longtime member of....

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A new Links Site with a lot of good links!

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I attended Fetish Con 2007 & 2008; photos and info is HERE

Tomiko.jpg (63866 bytes)  TOMIKO1.jpg (55630 bytes) tomikobanner.jpg (20312 bytes) TOMIKO: Actress and model. I met Tomiko at FC 2007, and I enjoyed visiting with her again at FetishCon 08. From those times together we've became close friends. She's beautiful, intelligent, and real. She does not do any ravishment, or even forced orgasm work, but she does do a lot of bondage, peril, superheroine, wrestling, and other work I am sure you will like. SHE ATTENDED MY 2009 HALLOWEEN PARTY AND RETURNED TO KANSAS CITY IN SEPTEMBER 2010. SEE THE TTT OF KC PAGE FOR INFO ON HER VISITING KC IN 2011.

andres.JPG (49303 bytes)   ANDRE'S SITES: ANDRE'S BONDAGE CAPTIVES & CARTOONS / ANDRE'S TOON DAMSELS.  My buddy Andre's token sites. We met inperson at FC 2007, and visited together at FC08.  We have been online friends several years. His art is more mellow than mine, but still excellent! And I have used some of his art as examples to trace and re-draw to make some of art-stories.

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DOMINIC WOLFE: I met Dominic inperson at FC 2007 though we had communicated for several years by emails. I have bought several of his movies. He believes in strict, inescapable bondage and tight effective gags, and several of his movies include forced orgasms and /or implied sexual peril.

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JAY EDWARDS: I met Jay at FC 2007 (and partied with him at FC08) and though with his work he comes across as a very serious, to the point rigger and photographer, with strict, tight ropework and gags, actually inperson and with a few brews in him he's quite the jokester. Most of the laughs I had at both FCs happened when Jay was at the Bar.

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KUMI MONSTER: Kumi does a wide range of fetish work so there is always something on her site you'll like. I met Kumi at FC 2007.

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ROPEXPERT: I met RopExpert at FC 2007 and he took the photos of Andre, Tomiko, and I that appears here on my site.

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AMATEUR BOUND: Moe's site. I met and visited with Moe at FC 2007 (and visited with him at FC08, too). There is only one Moe, lol. He's different than many riggers, producers, and photographers, and his site is different, too, with no fancy studio or scenes. There is no BS with Moe; he's who he is. That makes him a unique individual with a unique site. And he's also a real nice guy.


CHUP'S SITE:   STORMBRINGER'S, and  Chup's (my fellow Veteran and amigo)  free site: AFTERDARKFANTASIES.  There is links there to many, many sites Stormbringer hosts on the internet including Reba's paysite.  WARNING: EXTREME CONTENT. Chup and his partner Stormbringer also operates EROTIC ILLUSIONS where many artists have paysites.  NOTICE: AUGUST 2006, VC OPENED HIS FIRST PAYSITE, HOSTED BY CHUP & STORMBRINGER: VC'S SITE: C.A.G.E.

REBA:  Sadly, my sexy & beautiful friend, my muse, and my fantasy bi-babe, has 'retired' from doing artworks. She was one of the best artists and authors of 'female on female forced sex'. Her thousands of works were archived and hosted by my amigo Chup. (A few of her works can be seen on my Guest Artist Page). I wish her much happiness and a long and successful life! Reba, we'll miss you!!!!!


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NATASHA FLADE & ISAAC: Natasha is a sexy, beautiful bondage and ravishment model, and Isaac is an excellent photographer. A married couple who share an exciting lifestyle both inside the bondage world, and outside it in real life. They do a lot of  FSRP/ ravishment photo-shoots and movies now. The Links above takes you to Natasha's main site, and Isaac's Centaur Celluloid site. From either you can also access their other sites.


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MY YAHOO GROUP:  MWB Art on Yahoo. Links to most all the Groups I belong to, and where my artworks are posted, are at this site.


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BEDROOM BONDAGE: & FORCE FANTASIES: Lorelei's sites. Lorelei is known to many of us as the '1st Lady of Ravishment'. Great links to other sites, too, such as Dorothy Laine, Ashley Renee, and Artemis, all of whom have some FSRP photo sets (and movies). Her Yahoo Group are: BedroomBondageClub


RIX PIX / JABAKU:  Japanese and Asian bondage and ravishment video. Rick Suave had sold these sites and they have not been updated in awhile.

RICK SUAVE: THE FORMER OWNER OF RIX PIX AND JABAKU VIDEO. Rick's new free site. Rick is a real good,  trusted friend that I have done a lot of business with.

BONDOMATIC: Rick Suave's Japanese & Asian BDSM and ravishment online streaming video paysite.


shc.JPG (24286 bytes)        wiz.JPG (11272 bytes)

SUPERHEROINE CENTRAL:   Home of Wizard's Lair (where I have artworks on his Challenge Pages), MrX, Scarlet, and others. WIZ (Vladi) and Scarlet are online friends of mine.  Dan-O sponsors a lot of free sites. Home for DanO's paysite.


ASIANnondageModels.jpg (16353 bytes)

ASIAN BONDAGE MODELS: Formerly Chris Woody's site of beautiful; Thai ladies in bondage. Chris has sold the site and all his sites including AAA Bondage of Las Vegas, and other sites. The sites are under new management and being re-build at this time. Chris has retired and is spending most of his time in Thailand now (lucky man, lol). I wish him the best!  (MWB 11/11/07).


INSHADOW: A FSRP paysite with some very extreme photostory lines. Most now are too extreme for my tastes since they deal with aphyx, but to each their own. I do enjoy the ravishment parts of the photosets. (NOW MAINLY A PAY PER VIEW SITE).

sedenalink.jpg (12843 bytes)

SEDENA.NET: A sister site of Inshadow with bondage and Ravishment photo-stories. I have done some artworks for Sedena, and an artwork done for her appears on New Page 21. (Many of InShadow's older ravishment sets are now being added to Sedena's site).


DESMOND RAVENSTONE: A friend who educates people about safe 'forced sex role play', who promotes understanding of 'ravishment' (as he terms FSRP), and who introduces women to it. DESMOND HAS WROTE TWO BOOKS NOW BEING SOLD AT LULU.COM (Search for: Gentlemonster). He'll eventually have his own site. Until then you can reach him at his email address: (When you write him he requests you write in Subject Line: "Ravishment, MWB" so he knows it is a true email and not 'junk').


   BannerSPI02.jpg (17509 bytes)

SHADOWPLAYIMAGING: My bro Bill Richard's (aka Seether) & his lady Tobi's bondage paysite. Bill is a retired military officer. Seems a lot of us veterans enjoy bondage. They returned to new production in 2010, but shutdown again in 2011. I had a Guest Gallery in his paysite, and Bill made, and donated to me, my MWB Art Banner. I'm always wishing Bill & Tobi the best!


HUNTER'S LAIR: Speaking of Vets into bondage and owning sites, well Jim Hunter is another one. He has a Yahoo Group, too. (No ravishment here but lots of bondage). NOTE: I met Jim at FC 2007


BONDAGE.ORG: Bill and I don't always agree on politics, lol, but we do agree he has one of the few paysites that is updated daily. NOTE: I met Bill's wife, and his associate George at FC 2007.


TigerRavNetLogo.jpg (7045 bytes)

THE RAVISHMENT NETWORK: An organization (Yahoo Group) just recently formed to advocate for the rights of those of us who enjoy ravishment (forced sex) roleplay. Rav Net's mission is to promote safe & consensual ravishment, to provide support for those who enjoy ravishment, and to educate people that our fantasy is just that: fantasy. Desmond, Cynthia, and I have founded Rav Net. (Now the Group is dedicated to the memory of Cynthia since we lost her due to an automobile accident in 2005). We encourage all to join us! RAVISHMENT NETWORK'S NEW ONLINE SITE BEING BUILT: RAVNET.NET


McDarkTerritory: Japanese bondage and  ravishment movies. Lots of free photos. Also a paysite and you can watch the movies online. Members can purchase movies at a discounted price (I frequently purchase movies from Michael).  Operated by my friend Michael, a graduate of the University of Missouri, my home State.


ALAZARS ART: Voted the best bondage artist, Signy 2004. I use a lot of his art as examples for my own.


NoriBanner.JPG (4517 bytes)

NOIR COMIX: (Noir's site closed 09/25/06 and he is missed) His main character, Tara, is always in some form of sexual (and humorous) peril. I've used several of his works as examples for my own. He also does some joint art wth DEA now. So after visiting Noir you should also visit DEA, too, since both are doing some ravishment artworks now.


sw_LOGO1.JPG (48964 bytes)


In March 2007 and August 2009 Yahoo deleted JanG's spider web Groups BUT HE IS BACK!!!! 08/05/09; JANG'S NEW YAHOO GROUP IS: SPIDERWEBFETISHCENTRAL


ROGEO'S GOOGLE GROUP: Excellent 'web-work' and bondage artist who has his own Group on Google.


MATT'S USC 2257 GROUP:  An Yahoo Group whose focus is discussions pertaining to, and education of, USC 2257. Matt has wrote an excellent, easy to understand, outline of 2257 and what it requires producers, models, siteowners, etc to do. We continue to hope the FSC will win in Court and get 2257 ruled as unconstitutional, or revised. (USC 2257 is why I have removed all photos from this site of my former ladyfriends in bondage, and all of Tug's photo-manips) MATT'S PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE:


LittleDevilsBanner.jpg (50509 bytes)

LIL DEVIL SEX SHOP: A mixture of bondage, ravishment, nylons, chloro, pin-ups, forced orgasms, etc. Jeanie has a 'little' of something for everyone.


SCRIBBLER'S SITE: Darling Heroines. This is Scribbler/ Ts_sdh's free Superheroines artworks and cartoons site. You can also access his Yahoo Group from his site.   NOTE: 05/16/06: Scribbler has opened a small paysite section on his site.


SHACKLED SENSEI: Grimbor's home. The best Sailor Moon and Sailor bondage site on the Net! Excellent free site!


EyrieTopBanner.gif (10403 bytes)

TALON'S: A mixture of photos and videoes for members to download. Similiar to Reds Realm with frequent updates of older material and newer material from various sites and sources.


natalis_banner.JPG (261037 bytes)

BONDAGE ORGASMS: The late Natalie DeMore's female on female ravishment site with, as the title says, photos and movies of forced female on female bondage orgasms.................. I DID SOME  SOME ART FOR NATALIE. (I met Natali inperson at FC 2007. I drew the 2007 Halloween and 2007 Christmas card artworks for Natali).


chinabondage.jpg (21992 bytes)

CHINA BONDAGE: A new site featuring sexy, beautiful Chinese ladies in bondage. Such is forbidden by mainland Chinese laws so I respect the owners of this site for having the guts to operate it, and the models for participating in it. They also have a Yahoo Group at   (Added 5-9-07)

JACKDOUGLAS2.jpg (68556 bytes)    Texas.jpg (77529 bytes)

I met the owners of Captive Beauty and Texas Tied at FetishCon 2007. Click on their cards above to access their sites.

GORD_Lydia.jpg (71652 bytes)

HOUSE OF GORD: At FetishCon 2007 I met some of the models and staff that works for Gord.


ANNAMILLS.JPG (19930 bytes) header2.jpg (27367 bytes)

ANNA MILLS: I met Anna at FetishCon 2007. She's a beautiful woman inperson and on screen.


torvea_logosmallhdr3.jpg (32322 bytes) TORVEA TOYS: One of the sponsors of FetishCon 2007 and I visited with some of their co-owners and staff while at FC 2007. Adult Toys. Bondage Equipment. Excellent site.

Msmartha.jpg (32527 bytes) At FetishCon 2007 I met one of Ms Martha's staff. Terakonn may be doing some artworks for this business.



erikacole2.jpg (11656 bytes)                      Ross.jpg (38180 bytes)          Erika Kole,  and Ross are two models I met at FetishCon 2007. You can click on Erika's photo for her model site. Ross's sites addresses is: Model Mayhem and MySpace


b2bkimagesbanner.jpg (10585 bytes) B2BKVideosbanner.jpg (11419 bytes)

KINKY'S SITES: A new OL acquaintance whom I have purchased some Nyssa Nevers (sexy Asian model) movies from. Kidnapping with tight bondage, groping, and molesting leading to forced orgs.


 BONDAGEHOLLYWOODbanner.jpg (9871 bytes)

BONDAGE HOLLYWOOD: "Bondage Hollywood"  features Hollywood damsels in distress clips, stories and database. It also has a very good Links Page to bondage sites.

 SMS_art.JPG (40278 bytes)  THE ART OF SMS: SMS's Yahoo Group where he displays his excellent artwork, and communicates with his fans. Many of my artworks are based on, and/or are re-draws of his very restrictive, tight bound and gagged bondage works. He has his own characters, and Superheroines is one of his most common art series themes.


ACTRESS BONDAGE: A new site with a large collection of videoes from movies including Japanese movies.


moraxian_banner.JPG (42117 bytes)

MORAXIAN'S GAME ROOM: Women In Peril! Need I say more? I met my friend Moraxian at FetishCon 2008.


ADVENTURE BOUND COMIXS: Comics format bondage art.


BLACK GIRLS BOUND: One of the few sites show-casing beautiful ebony ladies  in bondage.


G I M P (Girls in Merciless Peril):  Ralphus's forum. One of the best rav forums on the Net with Links to many ravishment sites and where to buy ravishment movies.


XXXDVD:  A honorable and trustworthy company in Japan I've done business with ordering Japanese bondage and ravishment movies. They have a large catalog of movies, and if a movie you are seeking is not in their catalog they will try to find the movie for you.


DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE:  Domestic discipline and slave training site hosted by Don Brown and sub jo jo. I am doing a few artworks for them, MWB

MISTRESS KENT: British Amateur Fetish Strap-On Mistress.


FREDDIE'S TALES: A Yahoo Group where the author, Freddy, publishes his excellent stores if bondage and peril (added 02/23/13).


MWB HOST: This is my virtual private servers, and my hosting service. I am my own host.